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Hello, I’m Meeka Baxter, a Graphic Designer and Lead Web Designer with over 6 years experience. Thank you for checking out my work!

What started as an admiration for clever design and storytelling grew into a passion to do it myself. I love bringing people through a brand’s journey by creating interaction points that build unity, trust, and a story the person feels a part of.


After earning my BFA in Graphic Design, I jumped into the world of storytelling by joining a book publishing company as their Graphic Designer. Here I got to work under the Senior Designer, creating book covers and layouts, catalogs, and illustrations. I also worked under the Head of Marketing, designing social posts, event posters, marketing emails, editing videos, performing event photography, and more.

From there, I ventured out on my own as a freelancer. I honed my communication skills as I worked with clients to help them pinpoint and successfully create their vision.

I decided to move on to a bigger challenge, and joined a marketing agency as their Graphic Designer and Lead Web Designer. Here I effectively juggle up to 20 clients, discuss web and graphic goals with new clients during onboardings, spearhead web projects with my team to create user friendly, engaging sites, and create print-ready graphics for all our clients’ print needs.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design | Liberty University

Web Design 100%
Branding 100%
Print Design 100%
Book Formatting / Layout 100%
Email Campaigns 100%
Concepts / Illustrations 100%

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